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Use Your Gut to Make Smart Business Decisions

Decisive Intuition In a business world increasingly relying on data to make its biggest decisions, including hiring, growth, product development, and sales, international business consultant Rick Snyder calls upon business leaders to develop and follow intuitive...

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How Leaders Can Be Humble in an Age of Arrogance

Leadership Power Leadership is often linked to power, and it can unfortunately also be linked with arrogance. I believe most leaders are positive people who want to use their power and influence for good. Most people don’t start a career plan with the goal to become...

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25 Fred Rogers Quotes to Inspire Your Neighborhood

Brighten Your Neighborhood February 19th 1968 may not be marked as a monumental day in history, but it marked the start of an unexpected yet extraordinarily influential television run. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood debuted that day and would have...

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14 Elements of Leadership Self-Awareness

Know Thyself Self-awareness is a critical component of true leadership. It is nearly always a precursor to a leadership role in an organization. When someone ends up in a powerful position of authority, we expect a certain level of self-awareness and self-mastery. If...

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Why Your Success is Fueled by Your Peers

The Discipline of Success   If you want to be successful, it seems to make sense to get around successful people. The people we are around have an immeasurable impact on us. It's one of the major themes in my book, The Book of Mistakes: 9...

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How Leaders Achieve Radical Outcomes

  Do you want to create radical outcomes?   Juliana Stancampiano, author of , is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Oxygen. For more than fifteen years, she has worked with...

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10 Strengths of a High-Creative Leader

Scaling Leadership   The world of business is moving faster than ever before, and this world is filled with much volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In their book, Scaling Leadership: Building Organizational Capability and...

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